Gutter Flowers..?

I can think of four reactions to my site title.
1- You shouldn’t call people names.
2- DIY outside decorating.
3- Something pretty that was thrown away.
4- This is Tracy. Expect anything.

If you choose number 4, congratulations. You get a gold star (with purple and black sparkles).

The Goo Goo Dolls made the phrase famous in 2002, but the flowers have been around a lot longer than that.

A gutter flower is a weed that grows up between the cracks in the sidewalk. This happens because not even cement can keep it down. Somehow, someway, it will break through. It will find sunlight and it will grow. You won’t find these rough, gentle plants in a vase. They bloom in the midst of trash and grit and grime. They may get dismissed as common but, their purpose is to throw beauty in the face of the most ugly.

If you know anything about weeds, you know you can’t get rid of them –not for long. No matter what you do, time and again, a weed will work its way back, overcoming the toughest obstacles and the deadliest poisons. In fact, given space and opportunity, they will eventually take over.

Perfectly manicured lawns – something people try to obtain.
Wildflower fields – something the Lord made.

Those are the people I know. People who have suffered mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Sometimes all at once. People who have had to take nothing and make it useful. And then, they’ve had to give it away so someone else –someone younger perhaps, someone needier- could survive.

I know people who live under judgment and carry the burden of failure. Every day, they tackle the impossible, doing little great things that go unnoticed. They push through the cracks. Sometimes, all they get for their effort is stepped on. But, I don’t worry. Next week, next month, next year- those gutter flowers will be back.


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