Worth Reading

The best part about books is you don’t have to stop at one.
As excited as I am about my own novels, I am thrilled to present these new and/or noteworthy authors. Who knows, you just might find a piece of yourself hidden in one of these great stories.


The Fellowship by Sarah Roberts Jones

Bekah Richards has always been told that if they all stay faithful, the Fellowship will protect them from the world. But who will protect them from The Fellowship?


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Live Ever by Bailey Ball

Emma Thorne leaves the life she knew behind to embark on an uncharacteristically impulsive journey of growth and self-discovery that takes her across an ocean and through the footsteps of her favorite poet, John Keats.



FAVA by John  Hazen

The biggest story of  TV news reporter, Francine Vega’s career could end her life…or start World War III.



Journey of an American Son by John Hazen

When Benjamin Albert wakes up in a Calcutta jail, framed for murder, his wife Catherine must take matters into her own hands to save him.



Tippy and Kimothin’s Hoiday Celebration by Amanda Bannikov

Illustrations by  Holly N. Wright

It’s  party time in the Kingdom of Smesselleo and Tippy the Dragon and Kimothin the Knight are planning a big celebration. Learn about everyone’s favorite holidays and celebrate with the kingdom.



The Apple of My Eye by Mary Ellen Bramwell

Something is amiss in the way her husband died. As Brea Cass searches for answers, she discovers things she never knew… and things she’s not sure she wants to know.


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