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The Pre-Sixties Morality

We’ve lived in our development for almost twenty years. Our house was among the first to go up. At this point, I only know of one family who has been here longer. The neighborhood is mostly white, but the oldest households here are black and half black. Our neighborly interactions have included, babysitting, housesitting, housecleaning, watering plants, feeding pets, social/sick/shut-in/lonely visits, meal sharing, car rides, running errands and trips to the hospital. Our kitchen/bathroom/yard was the go-to place for kids.

Recently, I’ve had two bad experiences. One, while checking for the mail, a man drove by and called me a black bitch. I guess, to him, getting mail is an indication of black bitchiness. The other happened while I worked in my front yard. Three not-so-brights rounded the corner rather fast. One of them yelled out of the passenger side window, “Go back where you came from, you fucking nigger.” …From around back?

In both cases, it was for the best, the drivers did not stop. I doubt they would have appreciated my response.


Those incidents were brought to mind as I read an article by a black man who, I assume is a Christian. He appears to have the answer for the rest of us.

You can read it here:

The gist of the article, to me, is, black people don’t suffer from racism. Our problem is a lack of morality.

I am not arguing against the need for family values and moral standards. I do, however, disagree with the notion that racism and morality are mutually exclusive.

Mr. Williams recounts the fifties as a time of being moral and civil in spite of hardships. –

Meanwhile, his peers were involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

He thinks the country’s lack of morality has hurt blacks more –

Does sin absorb into black skin at a faster rate???

In his day, they didn’t need 400 police to patrol the schools –

Of course not, the war on blacks~I mean the war on drugs hadn’t begun yet.

He suggests our problems began with liberal agendas in the sixties –

Loss of morality didn’t begin in the sixties. Slavery wasn’t in the sixties. Jim Crow wasn’t in the sixties. Black families were separated off of the boat. The ‘moral’ pre-sixties culture he remembers allowed for lynching and red-lining and unequal rights. In that ‘moral’ time period my husband and I couldn’t get married. America has been in a moral deficit from the beginning (unless you believe stealing land and making slaves is Godly). To disregard that is privilege and a problem… his.

I grew up in the city, was raised by a single mother and didn’t get to pray in school, but my neighbors still give me their house keys. God was able to find me despite the availability of condoms. My problem isn’t that I am suffering from a lack of morality. My problem is a couple of racist assholes verbally attacked me.

It didn’t have anything to do with any agenda but theirs. And, it feels very pre-sixties ‘moral’ for a Christian to make excuses for it.