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Judge Not…but they do, anyway.

The Pro-life march happened yesterday. People came from all over to march in DC. They did it, to show solidarity in their fight. They did it to bring attention to their cause. They did it because they want change. They did it because they are Christian. And, the biggest thing to come out of it, for me, personally; was seeing the pharisaism and hypocrisy some of them put on display.

Pharisee – a member of a religious sect, distinguished by strict observance of traditional law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity.

Hypocrisy – the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Yup. That would be them.

I’ve got no issue with their cause. I have attended pro-life marches in the past, myself. I just understand it a little differently. I’m pro-life. Pro-all life, not just one segment. And, I do not think  God wants me to force my beliefs on others (He doesn’t violate free-will, why should I?). What can I say? I failed Basic Pharisaism. In fact, I failed all of my Religious-Control classes.

But they didn’t. These are your experts and teachers. Watch and learn.

Let’s start with the hypocrisy…such hypocrisy.

While they were planning their yearly march, I watched them mock and judge everyone else for doing the same thing. Is Colin Kapernick any less peaceful? Is his issue not pro-life enough? Why is kneeling on a sideline an unpatriotic display, but walking down the street the will of God? Meryl Streep should keep her mouth shut and not use her platform, but Pastor I-am-God should yell through a mega-phone using his. What were those election protesters called? Oh. Right. Snowflakes. Justifiable Black anger is thug-life. And, the Indigenous People’s fight for their sacred land is nonsensical.

Apparently, in America, only Pro-life Christians can have an issue worth fighting for. The rest of us need to meet with their approval first. Rest assured, we won’t get it because nothing else matters once you’re born.

What about that Pharisaism?

Those self-righteous, religious individuals laid out a smorgasbord of judgment and hate for the Women’s March. You know, those people who marched down the same streets as the pro-lifers. And a lot of other streets. In a lot of other places. All. Over. The. World.

The Woman’s March covered a vast array of concerns, but true to style, certain Holier-than-Thous, disregarded every positive aspect about it, in favor of negative judgment. People who were, by choice, not a part of the movement; not a part of the march, decided, on behalf of more than three million people, what the Women’s March was about, and decided, it was wrong.

If that isn’t a lovely pile of pretentious bullshit?

After concluding the largest demonstration in the world was about nothing more than wanting abortions, hating God and trying to be men, they benevolently, used their pro-life march as an opportunity to pray for the Women’s Marcher’s souls; a thing anybody can do at home, by themselves, while they are praying for their own. (But then, who would see it and know how gracious and god-like they are?)

Do you know why they made a show of that? I mean other than Matthew 6:5

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

It wasn’t because Madonna and Ashley Judd said bad words any more than it was about Colin Kapernick disrespecting the troops.

Just like every other protest, pro-life is an issue some people want to fight for. But it is tragic when some people use unborn babies as their banner and justification for hate. Clearly, control is their actual game. Retaliation -whether it’s a backhanded comment, a cry of unpatriotic kneeling, or a public prayer against strangers- is what they do to people they can’t control.

They call it God and then wonder why nobody believes them.


Silence, Noise, & Shitfulness

There has been a lot of talking from people who shouldn’t-people without experience, investment, knowledge or basic understanding. All they have is an opinion about the activities of those who live outside of their box and therefore outside of their approval.

They tend to judge and abuse based solely upon the lack of agreement with their meddling. These are the problem-causers who can be found at the source of just about everything that’s wrong with our country.

For example: Meryl Streep gave a speech. Some people didn’t like it. Not because it was inaccurate; hardly anyone said it was untrue (most of us possess the ability to comprehend). What they didn’t like was that she said it…in front of people…who could hear her…

And then the talking came.

How dare she use her platform for her own purposes? Don’t you know celebrities have no business in politics? Unless you are Jesse Venture, Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan or… uhhh…Donald Trump. In other words, celebrities have no business in politics unless their politics agrees with yours.

It took about a minute and a half for, I don’t know, let’s say…everybody, to point out the hypocrisy of that argument.

And then the talking came.

Full force diversion.

Here’s what celebrities SHOULD talk about. Here’s what other celebrities think celebrities should talk about. Meryl is a bad actress. Donald Trump is a wonderful person. Any news that shows Mr. Trump in a bad light is fake. And, my personal favorite: It’s disrespectful to the Vet’s… I kid you not. I actually read that. Someone accused Meryl Streep and anyone making that type of speech of being disrespectful to our troops and what they fight for.

Here’s a hint: When people bring disrespecting the troops into the conversation, they already know they are full of shit and they want you to feel bad about their shitfulness. Don’t. Anyone who is more offended by her speaking than her topic shouldn’t be listened to.

On the opposite end, those same people had a moment of silence; tremendous silence. They must have worn themselves out bitching about Meryl Streep because there wasn’t a peep from them regarding the repealing of Obamacare.

Just silence.

I realize, they are happy to have the ACA repealed. We’ve all heard way too many complaints about tax dollars being wasted helping people. (You know, those people who aren’t able to feed their children have it sooo good. They get a hundred and eighty dollars in food stamps and live a life of luxury off of our taxes, while we suffer, barely able to afford our house, cars, vacations, smartphones and eating out three times a week. What are their needs compared to our wants?)

But, these good, Christian souls, who care so deeply about what offends the troops, couldn’t muster an iota of compassion for people with real health issues, who have real fears about getting help.

They were all about discussing the terribleness of celebrities, but dead quiet about which church groups or social circles are answering the call. No stepping up, no comforting support, no suggestions of what a downtrodden, heartbroken, truly afraid individual might do for hope.

Just silence. Not merely a lack of words, but a silence that yelled, ‘Screw them all’.

You would think flaunting the title ‘Christian’ would make you want to, I don’t know…act like a Christian? Maybe? A little? You would think they would be the first to say: ‘Hey, we’re are not going to step aside while people die or lose loved ones because they can’t afford medication. We are going to reach out. We’re going to organize this or that to show people what love looks like.’

But, no. Just silence.

Because ragging on Meryl Streep for calling out Donald Trump is way more important than a child’s preexisting heart condition.

Of course, Mr. Trump did say, he had a plan. Everybody is going to be covered and all is right in the world. Mr. Trump also said, Mexico will pay for the wall, he didn’t know Putin, and he respects women… because he’s a pillar of honesty and Christians don’t actually have to be Christian with him in charge.

If you didn’t know what shitfulness means, you do now.