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Us vs. You

Is your hate worth the confusing hell you have created? Surely, you realize, wrapping it in a web of politics doesn’t change what it is.

You feared a forged birth certificate. We fear a rigged election.

You feared a Muslim leader and Isis taking over the country. We fear a bigoted leader and racism taking over the country.

You feared the idea of Socialism. We fear the actuality of supremacy.

You feared not getting a SCJ pick. We feared you stealing a SCJ pick.

You feared paying for a health system. We fear a health system aimed at retaliation and punishment.

You fear black and brown people. We fear walls and bans causing more harm than good.

You feared your guns would be taken. We fear our freedom and/or our lives will be taken.

Your fears are hate-based and unfounded. Our fears are unavoidable and real.


You have spent the better part of a decade reacting and retaliating against a black man earning the presidency. Contrary to the lie, it had nothing to do with him being a liberal and everything to do with the spirit of supremacy.

Your history is to ignore the truth because truth equals accountability. It is clear, to us, you prefer dominance to accountability. You support walls and bans for the same reason you work to criminalize black people. Control.

Note** If you don’t think the Wall and the Muslim Ban (not banning all the Muslims doesn’t make it a not-Muslim-ban) are acts of superiority, put it to the test. How do you feel about the following statement:

In order to make America great, we have to think of the health and safety of its citizens. We have to think in terms of what’s best for the whole country and not just any one group. We have to fix or eliminate the threat to Americans — white people. History has shown there is no greater threat to America than white people. White people have been terrorizing their fellow Americans for…well, since the beginning. It’s time to put an end to unchecked white-terrorism. (If the phrase ‘white-terrorism’ sounds foreign or made you cringe, you might be a…) We need a Caucasian Registry and a temporary ban on all white men. Some of them are bad (can’t call them Hombres—they’re not that cool). Some white people believe in Sharia-Christianity and are keen to punish anyone who doesn’t practice accordingly. Extreme vetting of white people is necessary for the safety and well-being of every American who doesn’t sunbathe.

Did the idea of a Caucasian Registry leave you underwhelmed? Do you disagree with blaming  the entire race for what Dylan Roof did? If you’re not comfortable applying the same rules and judgments to white people you wish to impose on others, congratulations, supremacy is your thing.

You dislike our heroes like Colin Kapernick and Shuan King — they expose your hypocrisy. But, your criticizing voices go dead when injustice is proven. You have nothing to say about Jordan Edwards or the re-segregation of Alabama schools.

Sometimes you cover your desire for superiority with pretend-neutrality. Ignoring the conversation is siding with supremacy. It doesn’t matter how many pictures you post of dinner, your puppy or the beach; it doesn’t matter if you say you love everybody and wish people would stop talking about unpleasant things. There is no middle ground between supremacy and equality.

Not to worry. Your feigned indifference doesn’t bother us any more than your open disdain. Make no mistake, we like the pictures of your puppy, but we know you hate us. We have come to love that you hate us. Nothing displays our greatness better than your hatred.


1- We are white people who believe in ‘justice’ not ‘just us.’ We don’t use whiteness as a weapon or a shield. We, and our ancestors have been fighting ascendancy the whole time. We fought against slavery. We were a part of the Underground Railroad. We marched with Dr. King and faced down the Klan. We voted for a black president. We film police brutality. We wore hoodies for Trayvon. We stood with Standing Rock.

We understand when we aren’t trusted by POC because we look like their abusers and we have benefitted from their abuse. That’s why we listen; that’s why we learn. We, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, William Lloyd Garrision, Viola Liuzzo, Anne McCarty Braden, Tim Wise, Matthew Cooke and others, use our privilege to advance equality. We often stand in opposition to the core beliefs of the majority of our own race. We love our race. We love it enough to hold it to accountability.

2- We are minorities of all brands — Indigenous, Immigrant, etc…every hyphenated and/or marginalized American. Anyone who has been targeted for not adhering to the white definition of acceptable. We will not allow supremacists to pit us against one another. We don’t care who has been beat-up the most; we care about protecting the weak and healing wounds. We don’t hate whom we are told to hate; not ourselves, not others.

We love our neighbors and we fight one another’s battles. We have been formed in the melting pot, we stand united because we are true Americans.

3-We are the reigning champs —Black people who aren’t fooled. Black people who laugh at your disdain. Black people who mock your contempt. Black people who rise no matter what. We know what this is; what it has always been. Supremacy has no credibility, no authority, and no weaponry that works against our minds.

Judgements, threats, lies and manipulations have no affect on us. What’s going to happen? Will we get beaten? Thrown in jail? Killed? Nothing that hasn’t already happened a million times over. Nothing that hasn’t already happened this week. You’ve been doing this for four hundred years, and still, we are not intimidated; we’re not scared; we won’t be stopped.

We side-eye your bullshit.

That line about being a good person; just doing God’s will— side-eye. Good people don’t call supremacy God’s will.

The idea, that supporting a racist agenda doesn’t make a person racist — side-eye. Supporting racist agendas is the quintessential element of racist identity.

That the election and this presidency is about anything other than reestablishing predominance — bullshit. Immoral, nonsensical, bullshit. Frame it in any manner palatable — pro-life; against Hillary Clinton; make America great; whatever— whether you know it or not; intended it or not, it’s still ingrained supremacy-bullshit.

That you, who are against us, can be trusted. Bullshit.

Unlike your hostility toward us, we don’t dislike you (we don’t care enough to dislike you). We pity the low place you’ve chosen. We’re not putting up with you, and we will fight against you, but we don’t dislike you. We don’t have to. Supremacy is a double edge sword that does far more damage to the person welding it than the one receiving. Your animosity locks you out. Your rancor saps your joy and makes you afraid. Your enmity keeps you down. Your hate is why you live in the confusing hell you’ve created.