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Those Precious Statues

Saw a meme asking how removing the Confederate Statues was going to improve my life. Idk. Addressing lies and obtaining justice feels like a positive step to me.

After all that talk about us needing to forget slavery and move on, you’re losing your shit over relocating some statues. (Seriously, when was the last time you posted a picture of the family standing beside the Statehouse with the capture: ‘Thanks to this sculpture of Justice Taney, we know the Dred Scott ruling was wrong.’?) You don’t want to own your hate, but you want to keep your warm-fuzzy supremacy mementos on display in case we forget who you are.

Not to worry. We will never forget who you are. Quite frankly, suggesting that moving Confederate statues is erasing and/or sanitizing history is as insulting as it is unintelligent.

Because of your proclivity to erase and sanitize history; I can’t tell you which African Country I come from. Jesus is supposed to be European. America was ‘discovered’ and founded on Christian principles. Slavery happened so long ago it’s no longer anybody’s fault. The Civil Rights Movement cured everything. Cultural appropriation isn’t real. And, white-privilege doesn’t exist.

We don’t need to go any further than the Dakota Pipeline to know your true feelings when it comes to preserving heritage and history. Add that to your attempts to ignore and/or justify the present and you have the answer to the question, ‘What is going on in our society?’

Those statues are a subliminal message for people of color.

‘Here is a person whom we honor for his outstanding efforts to crush your entire race. May it be a reminder, there will always be people who want to belittle and hurt you and your children, because our race is better than your race. If you ever attempt to succeed beyond our permission, our race will rise up in the spirit of this leader, and our vengeance will be upon you.’

You’re not fighting to preserve the truth; the truth isn’t going anywhere. You’re fighting to keep your version of history on display regardless of it being a lie. You are fighting to preserve supremacy, and, you are losing.

That’s what’s going on.

It’s having your power stripped away that’s making you uncomfortable. White supremacy isn’t as scary as it once was. Black people aren’t staying in their place like they used to. Those symbols and subliminal messages aren’t getting through anymore.

You don’t know what to do with that. You’ve always been the dominant race. Taking away your dominion is taking away a part of your identity. That’s a problem for you, I get it. But you were never supposed to have that dominance, to begin with.

I don’t know how you are going to solve it — figuring out who you are, now. What I do know is, in spite of your fear, in spite of your confusion, in spite of your anger; regardless of who you are or who you will eventually become, we are not going back to your good ole days.

We’re not going to pretend white-washing equals truth.

We’re not going to accept that the problem is us. You act. We react.

We’re not going to call it anything but what it is. Supremacy and your desire to keep it.

Rather than irrelevant temper tantrums over false narratives and powerless symbols, you may want to invest in learning actual history, engaging in real dialogue, and I don’t know. Maybe, just stop.

You have an opportunity to address your history of hate and do better. If you waste it, your failure won’t get whitewashed. No one is going to throw up a statue to your lost cause.


The Question of Kaepernick

If given the choice, would you choose right or wrong? Moral or immoral? Love or hate?

Let’s find out.

Do you think Colin Kaepernick has a right to earn his living, or do you think he should be punished for expressing his beliefs?

Let’s be clear. It’s not about whether Kap can play football. It is an insult to everyone’s intelligence (including yours) to pretend the blowback for teams so much as entertaining the thought of signing him has anything whatsoever to do with his ability throw a pass.

It’s not about whether you like him as a person or you disagree with his stance (However, If you believe racism, inequality, and police brutality are things to be proud of, you are a special kind of you.)

It’s not about his socks. There are people wearing white sheets and hoods. There are people with Nazi swastika tattoos. There are enough Confederate flags and offensive tee-shirts to go around. You can purchase those socks from Itsy, Amazon, and Nike. Did you stop buying from those companies because they were disrespectful?

If the Ravens or any other team is concerned with fan reaction to Mr. Kaepernick playing, it is, I believe, because the organization already knows what the right thing is. What they don’t know is if they are brave enough to do it. They don’t know if integrity or opinion will make them the most money and what will bring the largest ridicule.

The reasons for not wanting Colin Kaepernick are a basketful of opinions: He disrespected the flag; he dishonored Vets; he diss’d America; he’s not worthy; he can’t play; he sucks; whatever, whatever… opinion.

The reasons for supporting him are facts: He stood up for marginalized people. He brought national attention to an age old problem. He put his time/energy/money where his mouth is. He has been treated worse than players who have actually committed crimes, created chaos, and/or do not play as well… facts.

If you think negative opinions matter more than positive facts, then, you are the reason, people like Colin Kaepernick— people who favor integrity —have to disrupt your game to get your attention. Otherwise, the suffering you inflict would continue to go unchallenged.

Stepping away from the intentional blindness and all the usual diversions— Colin Kaepernick didn’t break the law. He didn’t even break a rule. And, he spoke the truth:

Supremacy and Privilege have caused a lot of damage. It needs to stop. Period.

Denying the truth is choosing to be wrong.

Doing nothing to address the problem is choosing immorality.

Punishing Kaepernick for speaking is choosing hate.

Guess what? Regardless of who you are or all of the great deeds you do; if you knowingly and willingly choose to be wrong, immoral and hateful, you are on the side of privileged supremacy. Your empathy is deficient. Your integrity is absent. Your understanding is insufficient.

You may as well own it because nobody is fooled by your doublespeak.

It behooves me to point out: you also lack the ability to scare us, stop us, or make the truth go away.

I’ve heard a lot of denial on the topic of privilege and supremacy. I also know there are a lot of football fans.

Unless Kaepernick gets to play, this football season isn’t about touchdowns. It isn’t about cheering for your team. It isn’t about the Anthem. It isn’t about socks. This season is about supporting supremacy or supporting truth.