Something about me

I’ve seen things. I’ve gone places. I’ve done stuff.
I try not to get caught.

I am a novelist/essayist/content editor/reviewer who began as a poor kid with a heart condition, growing up in Charm City, Md. a.k.a. Murder Capital. While self-teaching my way through a failed school system, I served as a lookout for prostitutes, errand girl for drug dealers, and file clerk for boosters. This developed in me a love for all things Disney.

I married a singer/songwriter/musician/truck-driver/priest. He and I run into trouble headfirst and holding hands. Our family is made up of three (sometimes four) distinct cultures. Over the years, I have opened my home to foster children, drug addicts, AIDS victims and people who sometimes need an assist. I have an equal number of liberal and conservative friends. I have enjoyed the company of the rich and the poor. Although, I’m never certain who’s who. I know people who have committed murder and I know people who have dined the Pope.

And that’s why I write sweet stories about tough love.


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