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Thank you, Mr. Trump

I for one, am happy Mr. Trump made his statement that NFL players should be fired for kneeling. He has, thankfully, eliminated all the games and put the responsibility for this diabolical mess exactly where it belongs. On the shoulders of his supporters.

There is no more arguing; no more debate. No more pretending the protest is about something other than what it is. Nor, pretending the backlash is anything other than racism.

Mr. Trump had more conviction in his criticism for football players peacefully protesting than he had for the white nationalists who have Heather Heyer’s blood on their hands.

Make no mistake, calling for the punishment of a group of people for not being subservient is hateful, inciteful and plain old racist. It not only speaks of his character, or lack there of, but of the character and moral fiber of his followers.

Nobody is surprised by Mr. Trump. He is what he is and he incites hate like always. But, the people who support his behavior; who are proud of the ugliness he spews, can no longer hide behind words like: Christian, patriot, humble, honest, fair, equal, unbiased, friend, love, peace, or unity. Thanks to Mr. Trump, the only words left for them to embrace are: White Supremacy.

For all of those who say, ‘voting for Trump doesn’t make me a racist.’ Maybe not. However, supporting racism does, in fact, make you a racist. Mr. Trump put it on blast: he supports and encourages racism. If your leader is a supremacist and you follow his lead… well, you know the old sayings: You can tell a man by the company he keeps; If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas; If it looks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a racist whose racism is totally exposed.

For those who say, ‘Trump was God’s choice.’ You may be right. If it is God’s will to bring your hypocrisy to the surface and reveal how deeply you fear and hate, then yes, it worked, rather well. We see you clearly, and we know behind your self-righteous facade, you are damaged and damaging to others.

For those who are silent. Your silence is cowardice. Frankenstein tried to run from his monster too. Pretending you have no accountability, increases your accountability.

It doesn’t matter which category is yours, the choice is the same, you either deal with the truth or, you continue to embrace your legacy of hate. As long as you realize, the rest of us aren’t gong to cooperate with your extremely limited world view. (You know, the one in which everyone lives according to your plan and for your purpose.) Just as we see you, you get to see us for who we truly are: Real Americans who don’t give a damn about fitting your image.

Tantrum all you want. It won’t stop us. We will stand. We will kneel. We will fight. We will love. We will win.



A Tale of Two Bakeries

After the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, I thought my little story would not be necessary. I was wrong. Mississippi showed me how wrong I was. So, now you get a story. It’s a retelling of the never-ending battle of a Christian vs another Christian.

My little story is called: Cupcakes for all… or not.

Once upon a time (storytellers use that phrase so you know it’s a story) there were two Christian Bakeries owned and operated by two Christians, Tina and Tanya. The bakeries had Christian-sounding names, something like First Fruits or Finest Wheat or Bread from Heaven to prove their owners read the bible.

Tina prayed every day for the lost souls who need to come to Jesus. She also prayed God would protect her from the persecution affecting so many Christian businesses. But, seemingly, her prayers went unheard.

One day, Linda, a regular customer, announced her engagement and asked if Tina would make the wedding cake. Upon hearing Linda was going to marry Michelle, Tina –as gently and humbly as possible- informed Linda that she would be unable to make the wedding cake as she could not participate in the ceremony because gay marriage was against her religious beliefs.

As you can imagine, Linda did not take the news well. She felt assaulted, wounded and discriminated against. (Not to mention, insulted by Tina’s assumption that she and her cake were part of the ceremony rather than the after party.)

Linda and Michelle told all their friends who fed their outrage. Boycotting, counter boycotting and legal battles ensued. Tina and by extension, the church, received a lot of negative attention.  The hit her business took forced Tina to release members of her staff. A few had no other income. Many Christians reacted by helping Tina with her mounting legal fees. They showed their support by donating money- lots of money to Tina’s cause. Because Tina is a Christian, standing up for Christian values, and persecuting Christians for their beliefs is wrong.

Meanwhile, Tanya ran her little cutesy-Christian-named bakery according to her regular routine. She too prayed every day for God to bring her the people He wanted her to serve. (She capitalizes the H in he because it’s a Christian-duty to disregard the rules of grammar when it comes to God.)

When Tanya received a visit from Bob and Todd, she didn’t think anything of it. She believed they were in her bakery because God heard her prayers. She showed them her designs and discussed their theme. She baked them a beautiful prayer-filled cake (she prayed over all the ingredients and the utensils too) and hoped it was big enough. To her way of thinking, Christ was in the cake; getting the cake into sinners was a win for everyone. Then she went about her life, not giving Bob or Todd anther thought.

But here’s what happened: Later, at a rally supporting Linda and Michelle, Todd could be heard commenting that not all Christians were hypocrites. He knew Tanya to be a devout Bible-believer, whose actions mirrored her beliefs. In fact, the cake Tanya made was so wonderful, several of his friends now frequent her establishment. They like the environment –say, there is a welcoming peace when they step through the door. They can’t get enough of her cinnamon muffins. They feel safe asking her religious questions because she sells cookies, not judgment.

Tanya isn’t aware of these details. What she does know is her business is booming. So much so, she added two people to her staff (blessing those families from her increase). She also increased her charitable giving, pulling all kinds of money from the world and depositing it into furthering God’s kingdom.

The only people who have a problem with Tanya’s cutesy-Christian-named bakery are other Christians who believe she is not a true Christian (and possibly Ariana Grande). But, Tanya prays for them too. And, although she never made the news, all was well in her little world.

The end.

In case you missed it, the moral of the story is Freewill is God’s Will. Our God-given free will gives us the right to make our own choices in life. Even poor choices. God doesn’t like sin, but he (I know, I didn’t capitalize the h. Pray for me.) allows it because we have free will. I don’t think he wants people to go to hell but he doesn’t force anyone to be or do anything (good or otherwise).

Christians who impose their beliefs on others think they are doing God’s will, but more often than not, they are violating God-given free will.

If God doesn’t violate free will, why should you?

You may think you are standing up for Christian values, but in reality, you are punishing people for not living according to your beliefs.

You may believe you are protecting yourself or mimicking Christ. But, he taught us to love our neighbors. He ate with sinners and tax collectors. He gave Judas communion.

Let me repeat that. He gave Judas communion.

Betraying the Son of God is pretty high on the ‘things you shouldn’t do’ list. (Certainly higher than Todd and Bob ordering a cake). Yet, he didn’t tell Judas, he couldn’t feed him because betrayal was against his religious beliefs. The Son of God shared with the betrayer (and the denier) the same bread and wine he gave his ‘good’ Apostles.

Serving the Kingdom of God isn’t about forcing compliance or imposing your will. It’s about being of service in God’s Kingdom. But I guess you can call yourself a Christian and not serve in God’s Kingdom.

That is how Free Will works.

The White Choice

I saw a meme that read: As a white person, I am sick and tired of being judged by the color of my skin by people who have complained for decades about being judged by the color of theirs.

The irony, the idiocy, the white-privilege, the whininess being multiplied with each press of the ‘like’ button. It made me glad I know some people -not of color- who get it. They understand the racial conflict and have taken positive steps toward resolving it.

I saw the meme because, sadly, I also know some of the other ones too. The ones who would love it if there were no more racial conversations. The ones who are sick of hearing about race. They feel they are not the cause, they don’t want to be burdened with the repercussions and they resent having it intrude upon their lives (and FB newsfeed).

To those who feel this way, it has to be said: you are, in fact, the problem. Your self-focus breeds the superiority that is the root cause of racial unrest and propagates its continuation. Likewise, the answer, rests with you. The idea of comparison/supremacy was created by discontented, judgmental white folks, not people of color. And, no matter how much you complain, ridicule, divert, antagonize, blame, whine, justify, or whatever defensive response suits you, it is your responsibility to fix the problem. Not ours.

What is going on in today’s society, is the realization that it is not our problem. We don’t have to make you like us. We don’t need to meet with your approval. We don’t want to fit your standards. And, we’re not apologizing for who we are.

In many white minds, that translates into: ‘You’re blaming me for what was done.’ I get the feeling of injustice at being held accountable for the actions of your ancestors. I understand that. BUT.


Most systems of justice have the inherent understanding of all debts eventually coming due. Some people know it as karma. In the bible, it is a principal called sowing and reaping.

For example: The Israelites suffered four hundred years before God removed the Egyptian control. The Pharaoh & friends who suffered the biblical plagues are not the same ones who made them slaves. They were just born into and benefitted from the privilege.

The Hatfields and McCoys who signed the official truce in 2003 were not the same Hatfields and McCoys who started the feud.

You may not have personally stolen land from the Indians. You may not have owned a slave, burned a cross, dehumanized a servant or established a Japanese-American concentration camp. But, you have reaped the benefits of the crime of white supremacy. Much like profiteering (taking advantage of unusual or exceptional circumstances to make excessive profits. It is the generation of disproportionate or unfair profit through manipulation of prices, abuse of dominant position, or by exploiting a bad or unusual situation). Regardless of who started it, you’re not innocent.


It isn’t about your ancestors. There are no arguments concerning who did what to whom and why. Now, it is about you. Your actions. Your opinions. Your judgments. Your inactions. Your anger. Your aggressions. In short, what you do (or choose not to do) about your racial problem. Yes, I called it yours. Whether its slavery, Jim Crow, police brutality, the prison system, fair housing, helping the poor, etc., supremacy reemerges in a new form every generation. Many Americans hated having a black president for no reason other than the color of his skin (republicans have yet to get a person of color beyond the primaries). Mr. Trump’s hate-based popularity is the negative response to the positive actions of other cultures. Can’t blame that on your ancestors.

The response to being called to responsibility is, unfortunately, quite typical.  i.e., I don’t have a problem. I treat everybody the same. I don’t see color. Etc., etc., etc., = Problem. Problem. Problem…

  1. If you didn’t have a problem, you wouldn’t be complaining. You wouldn’t be sick and tired of hearing about racial injustice. You’d be sick and tired of racial injustice. You wouldn’t need to wish the conversations away if you were on the side of the solution.
  2. You treat people according to the judgments of your criteria, with little regard for theirs. Which makes every encounter all about you.
  3. Your blindness to individuality is the reason stereotypes are alive and well, and judgments abound.

I could go on, but the simple answer is when you make it about you, it’s your problem.

The question I have for those who agree with that meme is what have you done to resolve it?

Have you tossed the false histories and educated yourself on true American realities?

Have you admitted that America has always been about the advancement of white people at the expense of others?

Have you acknowledged that people of color have damn good reason for their discontent?

Have you dealt with your tendency to judge? (That trait is tied to every act of supremacy.)

Have you left off the excuses, the justifications, the comparisons, the diversions and/or the retaliations?

Have you taken a good hard look at the source of racial unrest? White-aggression. (Deal with that and solutions will overflow.)

Have you done anything, other than complain about this mess we all have to deal with? Or are you expecting it to just go away because… well, because you’re white and privileged like that.

The Almighty N-Word

In light of the blatant idiocy of the students from Desert Vista High School in Arizona, it needs to be reiterated why some people can use the N-word and white people should not.

Some words are spelled the same but the meanings change depending upon the speaker. Football, vest, hamper and flannel are all English words, but in Cleveland, a hamper is for your laundry and in London, it’s for your lunch.

Nigger (Nigga, Niggah, Niggaz, etc.) = sub-species. A hateful word created by white people that now limits, categorizes, and sometimes discriminates against white people.

Nigger (Nigga, Niggah, Niggaz, etc.) =super-species.  One of the most powerful words in existence.

The N-word was originally created and used as an attack on black personhood. A nigger is not a type of person (lazy, good-for-nothing, etc.). You are not a person- you are a nigger: A lazy, good-for-nothing, nigger. A good, hard-working, nigger. A house-nigger. A field-nigger. White people created a category of sub-species: the dogs, the horses, the niggers. It’s a controlling power-play aimed to dehumanize. It speaks against a black person’s right to life. If you’re British, a queen isn’t a man dressed in drag. And, if you are white, a nigger is not a person of value. Dogs are dogs, horses are horses and niggers are not people.

The power shifted when black people gave it another definition. They set it to music and title one another because a nigga, niggah, niggaz, nigger, etc., is not, to them, a sub-species. He’s a super-species. He suffered, he overcame and now he’s a conqueror. No matter what form or intent is used, there is no attack upon black-personhood coming from another black person. Because all dogs are dogs; horses are horses and black people are people – not a sub-species.

That power-shift is part of the reason some people want the word, and all of its varied spellings banned. Decent, white folks don’t use the term. Wouldn’t consider it. They know where (read who) it came from. They know what it means when a white person says it (just like Americans don’t order chips when they want fries) and, they’d rather not have the reminder, thank you very much.

Here’s where that w-privilege thing makes its appearance. We acknowledge that our definition is bad and we should not use the N-word. However, if we can’t use it, no one should. Because A –we don’t approve of the other meaning and B- that would mean white people aren’t allowed something because of the color of their skin.

…imagine that.

And then there is the other kind. The Caucasians who fling the word defiantly, antagonistically stupidly, and are surprised when it does exactly what they meant for it to do –draw attention, stir up trouble and make people angry. When they have to deal with the repercussions, they call it a mistake.

I’ve never heard of that word being used by accident. You’d have to be extremely obtuse to make a mistake like that.

Speaking of obtuse, those Desert Vista girls… well, they’re young adults, graduating in the spring. They’re Americans who see movies, watch TV, use social networks and are aware of the history of the n-word and the present racial climate. What they did says nothing about black people and everything about them.

That is the power of that word.


What makes me think my way is the way?

What makes me think my perspective is correct and other perspectives are less relevant? What makes me think??

My understanding is the proper understanding. Clearly, you’ve misunderstood.


What makes me think opposition is wrong?

What makes me think my politics are the best and my politicians are just better? What makes me think??

My opinions are good opinions. IMHO you should agree.


What makes me think I know what you’re supposed to do?

What makes me think I have the explanations for things I haven’t experienced? What makes me think??

I don’t like what I don’t understand. Everyone is to blame… except me.


What makes me think your concerns are unimportant?

What makes me think that if I avoid unpleasant subjects, they will simply go away? What makes me think??

It’s very selfish of you to burden me. Talk about something I like.


My religion is pure. My beliefs are true. I fear the things that should be feared.

I want the law to fit my ideals. Your non-conformity is a crime.

I paint with broad brush strokes. I have a box where everything fits.

That I am right is of the utmost importance. It would behoove you to submit.


What makes me think?  What makes me think? I wish I knew. You wish I would.