God & Trump

Is Mr. Trump in office because God wanted him there? Hmmm…Let me think….                          For me, personally, that would mean:

God is okay with supremacy and racist agendas

God needed to cheat to get a particular SCJ pick

God doesn’t care about character

God is okay with lies

God is okay with abuse of power

God is okay with manipulation

God is okay with dehumanizing people

God is a conservative

God doesn’t choose all presidents, just the Republican ones.

God puts politics above Christianity

God forgot to mention his choice to the Pope

God forgot the 2nd Fatima secret (whether Russia has been appropriately consecrated or is spreading errors) is still in dispute

God contradicts the Bible

If that’s true, God might be a hypocrite, he apparently picks sides and suddenly New England’s Super Bowl win makes sense (It was rather miraculous).

On the other hand…

There are a few things in the Bible that might explain it:

There’s the part where Israel desired a king, and as stupid an idea as that was, he let them have one. (1 Samuel: 8-10)

There’s the time when his people demanded meat instead of the manna he gave them, so he gagged them on Quail and a plague. (Numbers 11)

There was the time when he said his people didn’t listen to his voice so he gave them over to the stubbornness of their hearts. (Psalm 81: 11-13)

There is that part about blinding their eyes and deadened their hearts so they can’t see or understand—or turn and be healed. (John 12: 40)

Do you see my dilemma?

There is, for me, another way to understand it. It has to do with that funny commandment: Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.

Don’t lie, Don’t murder, Don’t commit adultery, Don’t say Goddamit…really? Word choice is up there with murder? (Wouldn’t asking God to bless things be the same type of vanity?)

As a writer, I can tell you language is liquid. It moves, it changes, it adjusts. Dumb used to mean, couldn’t speak; nice meant silly; and awful meant full of awe. I doubt, one of God’s Laws, written however many thousands of years ago, for the benefit of the whole world, was based on twentieth-century grammar and/or American Fundamentalism. But, that’s just me.

Instead, I believe, don’t take the Lord’s name in vain means, don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. Don’t attach God’s name to your manipulations. Just because you thus saith the Lord, doesn’t mean the Lord thus saith it.

If God wants everything that you want and nothing you don’t want, that’s probably more than a coincidence. It might have something to do with you whipping God’s name out like an interest-free credit card.

If you justify your actions by evoking God, that’s not authority. Self-justification isn’t a God-thing.

If you are imposing on other people’s free-will, God isn’t in it. That’s not something he does.

So now, how will I ever figure out if Mr. Trump’s presidency is because God wanted him there?How indeed?

I know. I’ll put it to a Biblical test. Two tests. Three tests.

Test #1 The good fruit test

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Matthew 7:18)

Test #2 The Peace of God test

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:7-9

Test #3 The Profit test:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

When I answer those questions, I can honestly say, I don’t believe Mr. Trump is in office because of a God-smack-down for anyone who isn’t a white conservative.

So, what do I believe?

Let me share…

I believe, America is at war with itself to define what it means to be an American.

The Trump Administration represents the ideals of an America whose core values are shaped by a history of supremacy, bigotry, racism, and privilege. These individuals cling to their beliefs and fight to retain the Status quo, so they pray determinedly and happily for this leader who hurts.

Those who oppose this presidency fight for an America that represents all Americans and loves all people. They wish to heal the past, change the present, and perhaps brighten the future. They pray for truth and justice for the benefit of all—not just some. If God does choose sides, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be theirs.

Us vs. You

Is your hate worth the confusing hell you have created? Surely, you realize, wrapping it in a web of politics doesn’t change what it is.

You feared a forged birth certificate. We fear a rigged election.

You feared a Muslim leader and Isis taking over the country. We fear a bigoted leader and racism taking over the country.

You feared the idea of Socialism. We fear the actuality of supremacy.

You feared not getting a SCJ pick. We feared you stealing a SCJ pick.

You feared paying for a health system. We fear a health system aimed at retaliation and punishment.

You fear black and brown people. We fear walls and bans causing more harm than good.

You feared your guns would be taken. We fear our freedom and/or our lives will be taken.

Your fears are hate-based and unfounded. Our fears are unavoidable and real.


You have spent the better part of a decade reacting and retaliating against a black man earning the presidency. Contrary to the lie, it had nothing to do with him being a liberal and everything to do with the spirit of supremacy.

Your history is to ignore the truth because truth equals accountability. It is clear, to us, you prefer dominance to accountability. You support walls and bans for the same reason you work to criminalize black people. Control.

Note** If you don’t think the Wall and the Muslim Ban (not banning all the Muslims doesn’t make it a not-Muslim-ban) are acts of superiority, put it to the test. How do you feel about the following statement:

In order to make America great, we have to think of the health and safety of its citizens. We have to think in terms of what’s best for the whole country and not just any one group. We have to fix or eliminate the threat to Americans — white people. History has shown there is no greater threat to America than white people. White people have been terrorizing their fellow Americans for…well, since the beginning. It’s time to put an end to unchecked white-terrorism. (If the phrase ‘white-terrorism’ sounds foreign or made you cringe, you might be a…) We need a Caucasian Registry and a temporary ban on all white men. Some of them are bad (can’t call them Hombres—they’re not that cool). Some white people believe in Sharia-Christianity and are keen to punish anyone who doesn’t practice accordingly. Extreme vetting of white people is necessary for the safety and well-being of every American who doesn’t sunbathe.

Did the idea of a Caucasian Registry leave you underwhelmed? Do you disagree with blaming  the entire race for what Dylan Roof did? If you’re not comfortable applying the same rules and judgments to white people you wish to impose on others, congratulations, supremacy is your thing.

You dislike our heroes like Colin Kapernick and Shuan King — they expose your hypocrisy. But, your criticizing voices go dead when injustice is proven. You have nothing to say about Jordan Edwards or the re-segregation of Alabama schools.

Sometimes you cover your desire for superiority with pretend-neutrality. Ignoring the conversation is siding with supremacy. It doesn’t matter how many pictures you post of dinner, your puppy or the beach; it doesn’t matter if you say you love everybody and wish people would stop talking about unpleasant things. There is no middle ground between supremacy and equality.

Not to worry. Your feigned indifference doesn’t bother us any more than your open disdain. Make no mistake, we like the pictures of your puppy, but we know you hate us. We have come to love that you hate us. Nothing displays our greatness better than your hatred.


1- We are white people who believe in ‘justice’ not ‘just us.’ We don’t use whiteness as a weapon or a shield. We, and our ancestors have been fighting ascendancy the whole time. We fought against slavery. We were a part of the Underground Railroad. We marched with Dr. King and faced down the Klan. We voted for a black president. We film police brutality. We wore hoodies for Trayvon. We stood with Standing Rock.

We understand when we aren’t trusted by POC because we look like their abusers and we have benefitted from their abuse. That’s why we listen; that’s why we learn. We, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, William Lloyd Garrision, Viola Liuzzo, Anne McCarty Braden, Tim Wise, Matthew Cooke and others, use our privilege to advance equality. We often stand in opposition to the core beliefs of the majority of our own race. We love our race. We love it enough to hold it to accountability.

2- We are minorities of all brands — Indigenous, Immigrant, etc…every hyphenated and/or marginalized American. Anyone who has been targeted for not adhering to the white definition of acceptable. We will not allow supremacists to pit us against one another. We don’t care who has been beat-up the most; we care about protecting the weak and healing wounds. We don’t hate whom we are told to hate; not ourselves, not others.

We love our neighbors and we fight one another’s battles. We have been formed in the melting pot, we stand united because we are true Americans.

3-We are the reigning champs —Black folks who aren’t fooled. Black folks who laugh at your disdain. Black folks who mock your contempt. Black folks who rise no matter what. We know what this is; what it has always been. Supremacy has no credibility, no authority, and no weaponry that works against our minds.

Judgements, threats, lies and manipulations have no affect on us. What’s going to happen? Will we get beaten? Thrown in jail? Killed? Nothing that hasn’t already happened a million times over. Nothing that hasn’t already happened this week. You’ve been doing this for four hundred years, and still, we are not intimidated; we’re not scared; we won’t be stopped.

We side-eye your bullshit.

That line about being a good person; just doing God’s will— side-eye. Good people don’t call supremacy God’s will.

The idea, that supporting a racist agenda doesn’t make a person racist — side-eye. Supporting racist agendas is the quintessential element of racist identity.

That the election and this presidency is about anything other than reestablishing predominance — bullshit. Immoral, nonsensical, bullshit. Frame it in any manner palatable — pro-life; against Hillary Clinton; make America great; whatever— whether you know it or not; intended it or not, it’s still ingrained supremacy-bullshit.

That you, who are against us, can be trusted. Bullshit.

Unlike your hostility toward us, we don’t dislike you (we don’t care enough to dislike you). We pity the low place you’ve chosen. We’re not putting up with you, and we will fight against you, but we don’t dislike you. We don’t have to. Supremacy is a double edge sword that does far more damage to the person welding it than the one receiving. Your animosity locks you out. Your rancor saps your joy and makes you afraid. Your enmity keeps you down. Your hate is why you live in the confusing hell you’ve created.


I have a need to explain myself.

No. No, I don’t. I have a desire to address a few nonsensical individuals who have been emboldened by their leadership.

Dear Sirs,

Pleased be informed, your time trying to derail my postings has been wasted. I realize, when you friended me, you were expecting a much better behaved HN. I appreciate your gratuitous use of capital letters and exclamation points when you chastise me. And, your lengthy paragraphs full of stupid shit…err…deep wisdom on subjects beyond your comprehension.

I know, writing about the topics you suggest would help me earn your approval (Seriously, using that Jamie Foxx, Django Unchained interview, where he said he gets to kill white people, as an example of the suffering of whites, was eye-opening. Clearly, more important than the real issues affecting my family).

Obviously, I don’t understand my purpose. I was supposed to be your ‘black friend’. Your silent, accommodating, black friend. I messed up accommodating; totally blew silent. Friend is such a strong word. Gee whiz. The only part I got right was ‘black’.

I’m divisive. I say mean things. I intentionally antagonize people who have only shown me love (they’ve shown me some other things too but that part doesn’t count).

I know, I know, I’ve hurt you..mocked you…betrayed you… (All on purpose, I confess.) But, sadly, there is an unavoidable reason your efforts to train me, teach me, get me in line are failing.

I do not give a damn.

Call me flawed, but meeting your standards just so you can feel good about your judgments is not on my itinerary. Ever. Also, cracking your rose-colored glasses is my gift to you.




I do my thing and you do your thing

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,

And you are not in this world to live up to mine.

You are you, and I am I,

And if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.

If not, it can’t be helped.

(Fritz Perls, “Gestalt Therapy Vervatim”, 1969)

I don’t know anything about Gestalt or this therapy. This was on a poster my brother had on his door when I was three-years-old. I memorized it, impressed visitors with my reading skills and let those words become a part of who I am. Deal with it.

Speaking of who I am…

For the first twenty years of my life, I lived under liberal influences. For the next twenty, under conservative influences. And, the last ten, detoxing from both. I don’t base my political opinions on the news, social media, or religious understanding. I am guided by personal experience. I have sat around enough dinner tables listening to ‘the other side of the argument’ long enough to have developed a decent sense of truth. When I take the time to call your hypotheticals and judgments BS, it’s because, while you are having a cup of coffee and a second helping of assumption, I am putting real names, real faces and real situations to your wrongful conclusions.

That twenty, twenty, ten breakdown applies to my Christianity as well. No religion, too much religion and now proper religion. By proper religion, I mean love, not control. Respect not manipulation. Help not hurt. Truth not lies. Living by a code that makes me a better human being rather than a code that places expectations on others. That’s what my Bible teaches. (My Bible also taught me not to put up with BS from people playing God. It was a good lesson. Just saying…)

I have lived in the ghetto. I have lived in my car. I have gone without food and wore safety pins in my shoes. I have been beaten, I have been sexually assaulted.

I have lived in four different states and another country. I’ve hung out in the homes of the wealthy. My wedding reception was held in the backyard of a retired Westinghouse VP. I have interacted with Bishops and Archbishops, and more than a few successful entrepreneurs. Single mother, suburban homemaker —yes, I’ve even made cookies for the bake sale.

I was married to the Military for seven years. I can give you a list of things true heroes and real patriots don’t do.

I grew up among the disabled and handicapped, watching them accomplish more in a day than some of their full-body counterparts could accomplish in a month. Eating crabs with a quadriplegic or having my ponytail adjusted by a lady without arms was not an oddity.

I lived with a murderer and was surrounded by all manner of criminals. Urban fiction writer, Donald Goines, based his stories on real people/events. His work was required reading for my survival, because a few of those characters were in and out of my mother’s kitchen, regularly.

They weren’t the only people in my house. Diversity was the norm. Different races, different religions, different levels of understanding. I repeat, in my house-not on my television. Ever ate with a Muslim? Worked with an illegal immigrant? I have. Under all those labels and judgments, they’re sooo… human.

I can tell you all about the benefits I received from being married to a white person…and all the things (and people) he lost because he married me. I could just as easily tell you about the things (and people) we’ve lost because we fight injustice…and everything we’ve gained in pursuit of the truth. When I say something is white-privilege or supremacy, it’s because I have experienced it first hand. Not one iota of your surprise, shock, denial or outrage can change that.

Finally, I am a writer. That means, I read. I research. I listen. I learn. I am required to see the world through a thousand eyes. I have to live a hundred different perspectives, searching for what is right about each one. I don’t get to enjoy a history of control, the luxury of fearing others, or the desire to throw people into boxes (that would make for some flat, boring characters).

I’m not talking about myself because I need attention. I don’t. This is who I am. This is what I bring to the fight: personal experience. I am diversity. I am racial. I am proof that your locked-in, blocked-in understanding is limited. If your comprehension of the subjects I write about does not reach any further than your comfort zone, social circles or the news, I’m not the person you should attempt to enlighten.

I choose truth, so, of course, I am divisive. Yes, I say mean things. And, no, I am not going to fix your rose-colored glasses.

Would you like that in caps, or perhaps with a few exclamation points?

The Cookout


Yesterday, Matt and I took advantage of the unusually nice seventy-degree weather and took a walk through the park in Frederick. Rather than compete with traffic, we parked on a side street and cut through a bit of downtown. We happened by a rundown apartment building and some houses in need of attention on a sadder street just as the occupants were setting up for a neighborhood cookout. I was struck with a note of longing.

Poor, black neighborhood cookouts were a way of life for me, growing up. There was no money for family vacations (most people didn’t have those kind of jobs anyway). There was no money for a lot of things. But what you could do, was pool your resources, hang out, let the kids go wild and catch-up on community.  When black people get together, anybody walking down the street can eat. I missed that.

Especially given our circumstance. We don’t live in a neighborhood that favors block parties. I offend half the people we know, by virtue of my existence (I’m okay with it. Most of the people I offend, need it). They only party with people who agree with them, and BS overload gives me indigestion, anyway.

We enjoyed our walk and detoxed a little from the acid we’re constantly wading through, but that cookout lingered in my thoughts. It was a classic example of the ‘Gutter Flowers’ I’m so into. The area wasn’t pretty. The people didn’t appear to have much, and yet there was laughter and fun and the camaraderie that comes from having to make do with what you have. There’s no one-upmanship. No, who-has-what that’s better. Your job or your look didn’t have anything to do with what went on your hotdog.

On our way back to our car, we caught sight of the party in full swing.

They waved us over.

They would not take no for an answer. Because when black people get together, anybody walking down the street can eat.

It was a moment. We didn’t have to. We didn’t know these people. We had things to do. The area wasn’t pristine. It wasn’t racially balanced… We had an arsenal of excuses at our disposal. We ignored them all.

There were three older guys sitting on a tailgate. One of them may have been white or mixed. I’m not sure, but my husband is white. He had a burger. Because they didn’t have a preference on who was welcomed. It didn’t matter, that I was a black girl, with a white man instead of a brother. What mattered was, where I put the ketchup when I was done using it.

We talked and laughed and looked and listened. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn’t see a cellphone anywhere. If you’ve ever seen a group of ten-or-more people not on electronic devices, it’s a work of art. That’s not to say, they didn’t have them. But, they were doing community, it wasn’t worth a picture to interrupt that. I left my phone in my pocket.

Ernestine a.k.a Tater, has seven kids, twelve grandkids, and eight great-grandchildren. She drove an over-the-road rig for ten and a half years- the first year, without a CDL license. She says she didn’t have a choice.

Charlie and Wilder took turns manning the grill and Gwen sat there, nursing a beer. She told me, she didn’t contribute a thing- she couldn’t. She lost her job two months ago, but everybody made sure she had food…and today, a beer.

As far as the state of the nation, they had opinions. But only a few. Ferguson is like a third world country, somebody said. The racial divide is one of the reasons they came out and fired up the grill. They hoped, they prayed, somebody like my husband-somebody white would rather eat than fight. That’s as far as politics went.

Just as we were leaving, a lady with two kids were being wooed by the aroma coming off the grill and the temptation of games.

Those awesome neighbors, who clearly had less than many, put a table full of love in the midst of a time of hate. They challenged us to trust. They rewarded our effort with acceptance and food…good food.

There’s your Black Magic.


If you think this is only about politics, you have abandoned the truth. Democrats and Republicans have been running the country in turns for years. Ford to Carter to Regan, Bush to Clinton to Bush; that, is not this. Politics just happens to be the stage on which this latest power struggle has been set. President Obama’s birth certificate was not politics. His religious affiliation was not politics. Placing Mr. Trump in office was not about politics-he’s not a politician. This is not politics. This is war.

A war you incited. A war you wanted. A war you’re going to have to learn to live with, because it’s not going away. All of your weariness, all of your attempts to disconnect, all of your pretending it’s politics, is just your privilege kicking in. Only, this time, it’s not working.

Let’s get your favorite tactic out of the way so we can get on with business.

Diverting. Please, stop diverting. As I said, it’s not working.

Dealing with Mr. Trump’s actions/behaviors by focusing on what President Obama did doesn’t change Mr. Trump’s actions/behaviors. Tit-for-tat is petty. Always has been. It means, you are intentionally avoiding the truth. And, while we’re on the topic of what President Obama did: According to my calculations, you’ve had eight years to discuss President Obama. That’s 2,922 days (including two leap years). Over 3,000 if you count the time leading up to his first election. That’s a lot of hours to complain, resist, organize, whatever. But, that time is over. What President Obama may or may not have done, is neither an excuse nor a justification for Mr. Trump. (But, you already knew that.)

Today, we’re taking about you and your war. This is about supremacy. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else. I think most of the people who support Mr. Trump have one thing in common: they wholeheartedly believe he will advance their particular form of supremacy.

You have to give credit to the White Nationalist, at least they own it. They aren’t pretending it’s something other than what it is. If you support what they support, you are supporting them. Period. …for whoever is not against me is for me. I put it in red because Jesus said it. Mark 9:40

For extreme conservatives, it’s about preserving an ideal and a lifestyle that is beneficial to them… regardless of the cost to the rest of us. Until now, America’s greatness has been at the expense of minorities. Only a supremacist (closet/subconscious/outspoken) believes that’s a good idea. Only a supremacist (closet/subconscious/outspoken) would think the rest of us should sit down, be quiet, and accept it.

And finally, the Christians who don’t know the difference between Christianity and white privilege. They believe it is God’s will- and their duty- to force everyone to live according to their understanding. Your entrance into heaven or banishment into hell is dependent upon their interpretation of the bible. And, whether or not the country is ‘blessed’ is determined by how a situation affects white-people. (You know America was founded on Christian principles…and stealing land and making slaves.)

Supremacy doesn’t get any more supreme than that.

So, here we are. Fighting your supremacy in all it’s forms. It doesn’t matter how many times you divert. It doesn’t matter how political you pretend this is. It doesn’t matter if you claim God is on your side (screw the rest of us). This is a war you created and catered to when you chose supremacy over love…again.

Since we know your game, it’s only fair for me to tip our hand. Just this one time. Mr. Trump is making America great again. Not by returning us to some period of white-only prosperity. But, by giving us the incentive to rise. America’s greatness comes in large part, by way of it’s minorities. Race, religion, orientation, whatever. We, the minorities, are also, We, The People. We know how to fight -some of us have been fighting this particular war since the beginning. We know how to get along and see equals rather than less-thans. We see potentials not problems. We don’t live in fear of others (we are others). Because, we are true Americans of the United States.

You don’t have to like us, we accept that. Regardless, we’re not coming under your supremacy ever again. You’ll have to accept that.

Judge Not…but they do, anyway.

The Pro-life march happened yesterday. People came from all over to march in DC. They did it, to show solidarity in their fight. They did it to bring attention to their cause. They did it because they want change. They did it because they are Christian. And, the biggest thing to come out of it, for me, personally; was seeing the pharisaism and hypocrisy some of them put on display.

Pharisee – a member of a religious sect, distinguished by strict observance of traditional law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity.

Hypocrisy – the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Yup. That would be them.

I’ve got no issue with their cause. I have attended pro-life marches in the past, myself. I just understand it a little differently. I’m pro-life. Pro-all life, not just one segment. And, I do not think  God wants me to force my beliefs on others (He doesn’t violate free-will, why should I?). What can I say? I failed Basic Pharisaism. In fact, I failed all of my Religious-Control classes.

But they didn’t. These are your experts and teachers. Watch and learn.

Let’s start with the hypocrisy…such hypocrisy.

While they were planning their yearly march, I watched them mock and judge everyone else for doing the same thing. Is Colin Kapernick any less peaceful? Is his issue not pro-life enough? Why is kneeling on a sideline an unpatriotic display, but walking down the street the will of God? Meryl Streep should keep her mouth shut and not use her platform, but Pastor I-am-God should yell through a mega-phone using his. What were those election protesters called? Oh. Right. Snowflakes. Justifiable Black anger is thug-life. And, the Indigenous People’s fight for their sacred land is nonsensical.

Apparently, in America, only Pro-life Christians can have an issue worth fighting for. The rest of us need to meet with their approval first. Rest assured, we won’t get it because nothing else matters once you’re born.

What about that Pharisaism?

Those self-righteous, religious individuals laid out a smorgasbord of judgment and hate for the Women’s March. You know, those people who marched down the same streets as the pro-lifers. And a lot of other streets. In a lot of other places. All. Over. The. World.

The Woman’s March covered a vast array of concerns, but true to style, certain Holier-than-Thous, disregarded every positive aspect about it, in favor of negative judgment. People who were, by choice, not a part of the movement; not a part of the march, decided, on behalf of more than three million people, what the Women’s March was about, and decided, it was wrong.

If that isn’t a lovely pile of pretentious bullshit?

After concluding the largest demonstration in the world was about nothing more than wanting abortions, hating God and trying to be men, they benevolently, used their pro-life march as an opportunity to pray for the Women’s Marcher’s souls; a thing anybody can do at home, by themselves, while they are praying for their own. (But then, who would see it and know how gracious and god-like they are?)

Do you know why they made a show of that? I mean other than Matthew 6:5

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

It wasn’t because Madonna and Ashley Judd said bad words any more than it was about Colin Kapernick disrespecting the troops.

Just like every other protest, pro-life is an issue some people want to fight for. But it is tragic when some people use unborn babies as their banner and justification for hate. Clearly, control is their actual game. Retaliation -whether it’s a backhanded comment, a cry of unpatriotic kneeling, or a public prayer against strangers- is what they do to people they can’t control.

They call it God and then wonder why nobody believes them.

Silence, Noise, & Shitfulness

There has been a lot of talking from people who shouldn’t-people without experience, investment, knowledge or basic understanding. All they have is an opinion about the activities of those who live outside of their box and therefore outside of their approval.

They tend to judge and abuse based solely upon the lack of agreement with their meddling. These are the problem-causers who can be found at the source of just about everything that’s wrong with our country.

For example: Meryl Streep gave a speech. Some people didn’t like it. Not because it was inaccurate; hardly anyone said it was untrue (most of us possess the ability to comprehend). What they didn’t like was that she said it…in front of people…who could hear her…

And then the talking came.

How dare she use her platform for her own purposes? Don’t you know celebrities have no business in politics? Unless you are Jesse Venture, Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan or… uhhh…Donald Trump. In other words, celebrities have no business in politics unless their politics agrees with yours.

It took about a minute and a half for, I don’t know, let’s say…everybody, to point out the hypocrisy of that argument.

And then the talking came.

Full force diversion.

Here’s what celebrities SHOULD talk about. Here’s what other celebrities think celebrities should talk about. Meryl is a bad actress. Donald Trump is a wonderful person. Any news that shows Mr. Trump in a bad light is fake. And, my personal favorite: It’s disrespectful to the Vet’s… I kid you not. I actually read that. Someone accused Meryl Streep and anyone making that type of speech of being disrespectful to our troops and what they fight for.

Here’s a hint: When people bring disrespecting the troops into the conversation, they already know they are full of shit and they want you to feel bad about their shitfulness. Don’t. Anyone who is more offended by her speaking than her topic shouldn’t be listened to.

On the opposite end, those same people had a moment of silence; tremendous silence. They must have worn themselves out bitching about Meryl Streep because there wasn’t a peep from them regarding the repealing of Obamacare.

Just silence.

I realize, they are happy to have the ACA repealed. We’ve all heard way too many complaints about tax dollars being wasted helping people. (You know, those people who aren’t able to feed their children have it sooo good. They get a hundred and eighty dollars in food stamps and live a life of luxury off of our taxes, while we suffer, barely able to afford our house, cars, vacations, smartphones and eating out three times a week. What are their needs compared to our wants?)

But, these good, Christian souls, who care so deeply about what offends the troops, couldn’t muster an iota of compassion for people with real health issues, who have real fears about getting help.

They were all about discussing the terribleness of celebrities, but dead quiet about which church groups or social circles are answering the call. No stepping up, no comforting support, no suggestions of what a downtrodden, heartbroken, truly afraid individual might do for hope.

Just silence. Not merely a lack of words, but a silence that yelled, ‘Screw them all’.

You would think flaunting the title ‘Christian’ would make you want to, I don’t know…act like a Christian? Maybe? A little? You would think they would be the first to say: ‘Hey, we’re are not going to step aside while people die or lose loved ones because they can’t afford medication. We are going to reach out. We’re going to organize this or that to show people what love looks like.’

But, no. Just silence.

Because ragging on Meryl Streep for calling out Donald Trump is way more important than a child’s preexisting heart condition.

Of course, Mr. Trump did say, he had a plan. Everybody is going to be covered and all is right in the world. Mr. Trump also said, Mexico will pay for the wall, he didn’t know Putin, and he respects women… because he’s a pillar of honesty and Christians don’t actually have to be Christian with him in charge.

If you didn’t know what shitfulness means, you do now.