The books I write:

Love is the hardest, easiest thing in the world. And we’re so good at getting it wrong. That’s why I loving writing about it. No matter the time, place or circumstance, it’s always the hardest, easiest thing in the world to get wrong.

A few of my books are already available, while others are in various stages of editing. Soon, I hope to add more to my list.

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Question: What’s short, spicy, and free?

Answer: The Tiger & The Snake

This sizzling prequel to KAYOS will set your mood. Want a little action? There’s a dead body or two, just waiting for an explanation. Want a little romance? Grab a drink. You’ll need it to cool off.

Best of all. It’s a gift.

The Tiger & The Snake

(A KAYOS Prequel)

Love thy enemy. Thoroughly.

“Oh, Lord. He’s back.”

Lareina and Christian had the love of a lifetime, a lifetime ago. Now, they’re frienemies with not enough benefits for either of them.

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The Bad &  The Worse



Hell has two fires – War and Women

LAREINA ELLIOT discovered her idea for making students loyal to the government is being implemented to further the war. It has become her life’s work to undermine that effort.

Agent CHRISTIAN DEVERELL promised to protect Lareina, always. But, that was before their history got dirty; before he commissioned her adopted brother to assassinate her.

CPL. SILAS McKADE never misses. He has a death warrant for Lareina—the woman who means everything to him—and a soul full of hatred for Christian—the man he wants to be. He’s either going to break Lareina’s heart or stop it altogether.


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Black Rose Writing


No matter what role we see ourselves in — fighter, assassin, brainiac, mad scientist, villain, damsel in distress, double agent, or the dying hero — there’s a place for us all and so viewers keep shelling out money for their love of action and adventure. Rest assured, you’ll get plenty of explosive action in Kayos: The Bad & The Worse. Unlike some movies, you’ll NOT walk away from KAYOS thinking you wish it had more booms, surprises, heartaches, gun battles, or action. Tracy DID NOT falter in the deliverance of the triple A’s — action, adventure and awesomeness.

Oh yeah, she also treated us to a few smoochie moments. 😉

Kam Kameron – Book Reviewer





Stud season comes to a halt in this sexy-clean romp around the farm.

Holden’s desire knew no limits. Holden’s family respected no boundaries.                                            Not to worry, Cherry can fix that. Cherry can fix anything…except herself.

Being in love with Holden, one of the notorious Latche twins, has freed Cherry from her ghosts. Now, she wants to help everyone -with or without their consent. Her unyielding opinions influence every relationship on the Latche family farm. While her involvement may not always be welcome, at least her intentions are pure.

And that’s a problem.

Purity doesn’t work for Holden. Abstinence is not a part of his womanizing agenda. Besides, Cherry has two secrets too many as far as he is concerned. The lack of information about her family and her intimate exchanges with Eric– the other notorious Latche twin.

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Black Rose Writing


Now in stock at TURN THE PAGE, the Nora Roberts bookstore and the FOUR SEASONS Bookstore

Also available at Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

I absolutely loved this book. It was just plain fun, with some shocking twists, and without a doubt, a feel good happily ever after. It’s done in the tradition of old school romance and as ever that truly rocks my world and my kindle. I thought the story line was very well carried through, the emotional conflicts well defined and addressed, and somehow with how very naughty these young men were I didn’t hate them. I still liked them anyways, except Bruce! No spoilers contained but there is a definite villain in this and VERY UNEXPECTED. The character development was spot on and I had a definite feel for who each of the characters were. It had all the bells and whistles you expect in a well written romance novel. It’s perfect for those days you just want to curl up on the sofa and get lost in a book. I highly recommend this read.  

Susan Ward -Author: Girl on the Half Shell Series


Sirens’s Lullaby Anthology

Death’s Desire

Once his burden, now his privilege.

Death is my mission. Deserving or not, my onus is to bring it. No one can stop me from wreaking havoc. Not my brothers, not the pirate’s curse I carry, not the Sea Witch’s bargain. Not even the sirens… Perhaps, the sirens…The one siren. But, all I can offer the beautiful seductress, all I can bring her, is death. It’s who I am.



Everything changed with one jump


In the Elven world of Cassenia, there are bad guys and there’s Onyx. The war was over for everyone but him. He took the burden of establishing his father as the leader of the Elven Alliance. But, he didn’t count on Leaf, a lieutenant in the Alliance Army. Leaf, allied to Roman, Onyx’s cousin, and rightful heir. Leaf, set to marry Bin. Leaf, trembling in his arms, melting under his touch and setting him on fire…



Virtue: A Crazy Ink Anthology / An Angel with Dirty Wings

We’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins.
But lesser known are the seven virtues that give us our humanity.


I am Fortitude. That strength of character that won’t quit in spite of the circumstance. My circumstance? I have to save a self-centered doctor from Meridian, an energy-draining demon, set on destroying her.  A demon whose purpose is to break me. A demon I can’t resist.



Royal Scoundrels/ TSARNIA

Ivan the Terrible had a secret. He let it rule.



Art Inspires Words


Imogene’s Flowers


Civil Warriors

A story of love and possession

Civil Warriors front cover

The social-order of the eighteen-sixties compels John Richard to put aside his negro-pet, Georgia Anne, an accomplished slave. In an attempt to quell his unnatural yearnings, John Richard sets into motion events that divide his family, steal his freedom and threaten his life.





Coming Eventually…


The Other Shore

Mitchell and Angel Pointe would be a perfect couple-almost- if they could get past Angela’s infertility. Mitchell thought a cruise would combat her depression. However, a boating accident left them separated, believing the other dead.

Angela begins to build a new life while Mitchell finds shelter and solace on an abandoned island in Cuba. Until the tide turns.

The nation watches as the couple reunites: Angela, Mitchell…Angela’s true love…and Mitch’s pregnant fiancée.

Everyone has a poor choice to make.

Where BlackHearts Dwell

A low-income neighborhood, a backstabbing cousin and an unfaithful fiancé. This was not Kimber’s life; she was not going to live it. Being black didn’t mean she had to be a negative stereotype.

A new job in a new city with new friends. What else did she need?

A garbage disposal, according to Shawn. His good deed that didn’t end. A ride, a sitter, a kiss. But what did he need?

He needed Kimber. He needed his brother. He needed to explain his connection to the Ku Klux Klan.

Sons of the Nephilim: Book 1 -Honor’s Choice

The Lossmans have a problem…or two…

Mom is the object of a werewolf’s attention. Tyler doesn’t know what a Jodian is, but he’s it. Honor and Aunt Chastity have gotten married -without their consent – to beings from another realm. And, Gravengard has captured Andrew.

Okay, ‘problem’ may not be the right word. The Lossmans are in trouble…

Eyrorn must protect his brother’s murderer. Lo`thel’s immortality is a curse upon the evanescent he has joined. If Medrid does not stop Gravengard, it could be bad. If he does, it might be worse.

Now, the Mayadalians, they have problems…

Sons of the Nephilim: Book 2  -Honor Aside


5 thoughts on “The books I write:

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  2. Ashley

    I truly enjoyed Sons of the Nephilim: Book 1 -Honor’s Choice. My father gave me a copy to read years ago. Recently I pulled it out again to reread and became curious to see if there was a sequel. After a quick Google search I discovered this site where I found out there is a sequel. I am anxious to read it. I just don’t know where to find a copy of Sons of the Nephilim: Book 2 -Honor Asid.


    1. tracyaball Post author

      Hi Ashley, Neither Honor’s choice or Aside have ever been put out for publication, although they are on the list. At this time, they need to undergo editing. Pleas join my NL for updates and notices. You can also forward me an email where I can send you a WIP reader copy when they are ready. Thanks so much for your kind words, Tracy A. Ball


  3. Ashley

    Thank you, Tracy. I will definitely sign up for your NL and would be thrilled to receive a WIP reader copy of Honor Aside whenever it becomes available! How would I forward an email address? Is it part of the NL sign up?

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